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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fallen Heros

Pete Rose
Bob Knight
Roger Clemens
Kelvin Sampson

The list goes on regarding sports figures who one looks up to. They then let you down. Makes you wonder who you should be cheering for. Who have been your disappointments?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where's the Buffalo?

When we drove out to South Dakota, a couple of years ago, we really wanted to see some buffalo / bison! I thought for sure that they would be in abundance. After all, wasn't I where the buffalo roam? I guess I was wrong.

For the two days that it took to drive out there, we looked. Surely, we'd see some buffalo. They have to be around here somewhere. Wait was that a buffalo, I'd think. No just another prairie dog.

We finally arrived in Rapid City. No buffalo here. Maybe they went away for the weekend like we did?

We went to Mount Rushmore. No buffalo. The President's weren't talking either.

Where, oh where did the buffalo go?

Towards the end of the trip, we drove into Custer State Park. By the way, I thought driving to South Dakota was long. Finally, we get into the park and we see them! BUFFALO! They had all gone to Custer State Park for the weekend!

I was so excited. I stopped the car and got the kids out. This is so cool. Hey kids, look at the Buffalo! Hey kids, the Buffalo are so close to us. NO, I don't mind. Go out into the field with the Buffalo. Yes they look cute. Yes, feel free to ride the.... OK maybe not a good idea. Don't ride the buffalo.... Let's get back into the car.

That was fun! We got to see Buffalo. "You don't get to see that in the city, right honey?," I said to my lovely wife.

We drove into the park. Buffalo were coming up to the car. They put their head right against the window. Man this is awesome!

We went panning for gold with the kids. It's a park ranger program. You don't get to keep any gold you get. I guess the park rangers need to make some money, too. (I'm kidding.)

Anyway, I'm talking to a wonderful Park Ranger and she told me "If you see any Buffalo, let us know! We'll clear the area! They are really dangerous! Yesterday, they rammed a car!"

Hmmm...... Guess we got lucky. Didn't think about that. Not one of my brightest moves and it made me think. Be careful what you wish for! You just might get it.

Have a fruitul day!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bob Knight on Graduating Players

According to today's Indianapolis Star, Coach Bob Knight was on Jay Leno last night. This is what he said on graduating players:

On his players’ academic success: “I think we probably had the highest graduation rate of anybody,” Knight said. “I wanted (my players) to be afraid not to graduate.” He wanted his players to think, ‘Hey, he might not renew our scholarship.’ … I think that when I take your son, I want you to feel after four years that it’s been worthwhile. I want you to be able to say, ‘Hey, thanks for what you’ve done.’ I think the major responsibility that any college coach has who recruits kids is to see that those kids graduate. I mean, why else are they there?”

For all the reasons, people dislike Coach Knight, this is a big reason he is beloved.

Have a fruitful day,


PS The photo is from the summer and thought it might be nice to post something that reminded me of warmer times instead of how we are all freezing up in Buffalo.

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